December 1, 2023

Winter Trip Ideas that THRIVE on cold weather!

The winter weather has a tendency to make me want to stay home and stay cozy on the couch. BUT, there are so many options for exploring the world when it is snowy and cold. I've gathered a few ideas below that are centered on getting out and enjoying the cold weather. Enjoy!


Probably the most unoriginal idea on this list, but I’ve included it for good reason. Skiing or snowboarding is a FUN and active way to enjoy winter weather, and there are many options across North America and into Europe. For those who have never tried skiing or boarding, starting with a lesson is the best way to learn and build confidence quickly. Typical ski towns across the country offer much more than just skiing or snowboarding: tubing, cross-country skiing, snowmobiling, and snowshoeing are just a few of the winter sports options that are widely available. These options are a great choice for rest days from downhill skiing or for the people in your group who do not wish to downhill ski at all. Most towns also have options beyond winter sports to offer too: shopping, horse carriage rides, spas, and excellent restaurants are just a few of these. The best part is that no matter how your group decides to spend their days, everyone can come together in the early evening for cocktails, good food, hot tub soaks, and gathering around a roaring fire.


The best months to view the northern lights are in the dark, cold days of winter. This is simply because the longer nights provide a greater chance of seeing this natural phenomenon light up the sky. The really amazing thing about the northern lights, or Aurora Borealis, is that there isn’t just one place to view them, but rather a great many places they can be seen. For the best chance, experts recommend getting to a dark location as geographically close to the North Pole as possible. Specifically, Norway, Finland, Iceland, and Alaska all have great northern light viewing possibilities and are consistently rated as top viewing destinations. To round out the trip, most of these locales offer a mix of dog sled rides, snowmobile tours, train trips through frozen tundra, tours to glaciers, and sparkling cities. A trip to see the Aurora Borealis in any of these locations really would feel like walking in a winter wonderland!


The Christmas Markets of Germany and Austria just wouldn’t be the same without the cold weather that accompanies the month of December. The steaming mugs of Gluhwein and Kinderpunsch warm bellies and hands as you walk through cobblestone squares shopping for gifts and treasures. With delicious foods, handcrafted items, and decorations galore your eyes, bellies, and suitcases are sure to fill up! Each market has its own unique feel, so experiencing several of them is definitely a good idea. Just be sure you pack your warmest gear so you get to decide how long you stay at the market, not your frozen fingers and toes.


Every year, during the coldest part of January and February, the city of Quebec turns into an icy wonderland. They build a life size ice palace. They fill the streets with parades and snow sculptures. They race canoes over icy rivers. They frolic in the snow in bathing suits (those crazy Canadians)! When winter comes to stay for as long as it does in Canada, I guess you have to get really comfortable with it. The Winter Festival turns a time that should be dark and somber into a time when the city comes alive. Some day I’d love to walk through that ice castle and listen, because I bet there will be several renditions of “Let it Go” from Frozen ringing through those halls. Who knows, I may even join them!

Could you see yourself bundled up and enjoying the cold weather on one of these winter trips? Are there any cold weather destinations you dream of that I missed? With the wide and beautiful world we live in, I know this list barely scratches the surface! As you begin to dream of your next trip, to destinations warm or cold, I’d appreciate the opportunity to dream with you. Please reach out anytime!

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Baby it's COLD outside!!

Winter trip ideas that THRIVE on cold weather.