I don’t know about you, but I’ve always held some misconceptions about using a travel agent. I’ve gathered a few FAQs that address many of those misconceptions. Let me know what you think!

Q: How much do you charge for your services?

A: NOTHING - I love this part! I help you plan a fabulous, stress-free vacation, assist you in case of issues, and you often pay less or receive more perks than if you booked on your own…all without charging you fees. It’s a win-win-win!

Q: Then how do you get paid?

A: I get paid commission by the Supplier offering the vacation you book, after your travel. I am not paid by the hour, so I only receive compensation for my time when you reserve your trip through me and after you complete your vacation.

Q: Why do I need a Travel Agent?

A: While you may book your vacation on your own, I truly believe you have an enhanced experience when using a travel agent. From start to finish you have an experienced professional personalizing your vacation to meet YOUR needs, wants, and budget. I check in with you multiple times before you travel, to help prepare you for your vacation and make the most of your journey. Then, I am available as a support while you travel, to step in if you need assistance with flights, a tour, hotel issues, and more. Once you return, I listen to your feedback, both positive and negative, to make sure your next vacation is even better!

Q: Is it cheaper if I book through you?

A: Sometimes! Other times, vacations are the same price as you see online, but include additional perks. In a few instances, the pricing is exactly the same with no additional perks, however, if you can pay the same price and receive wonderful service before, during, and after you travel, using a travel agent just makes sense!

Q: If I book on my own do you still get paid?

A: No. If you ask for my help and then book on your own I do not get paid for the time I spent researching your vacation. It doesn't matter that you booked the resort or cruise I recommended; I have to reserve it. If you find a lower price than what I quoted you (which is rare), tell me! There is often a good reason for that price difference (different room category, tax not included, etc.).

Q: I didn't book through you, can you still help me resolve an issue?

A: I’m sorry, but no. You will need to contact the customer service number where you booked.

Q: Oh man, I wish you had reserved my vacation for me. Can we do anything about that?

A: Maybe! In some cases, you may transfer a booking that you made yourself over to me. The time frame varies by company. This is possible as long as your vacation has not been paid in full, so please don’t hesitate to ask!

Q: Do you only book All-Inclusive Resorts? Do you only book cruises?

A: No. Sometimes people think that I only book a certain type of vacation. However, I book a variety of vacation types and destinations around the world!

Q: Can you book me a flight?

A: I do not book flights only. However, I do book flights as a service when you have already reserved other parts of your vacation with me.