October 6, 2023

Top 3 Travel Conference Takeaways

Conferences are always a wealth of information. There are so many takeaways and small nuggets I know I will put into use throughout this next year, but there were 3 things that really stuck out to me, that I feel are worth sharing with all of you!

1. Travel Agents have access to MANY MORE options than an internet shopper would!

There are whole businesses in the travel agency that market and sell only to Travel Agents for the benefit of their clients. This was news to me, but so exciting to learn! I don't know about you, but I have often felt that pre-made internet packages hit some, but not all of my travel wishes. To have the ability to reach beyond what is mass marketed on the internet is a huge benefit and one I am excited to provide to clients.

2. All Travel Insurance is not created equal.

Travel Insurance should really be on your radar anytime you are planning a trip. In a post COVID world, I think we can all appreciate that despite our best intentions, things can and do go wrong. Travel Insurance is far more nuanced than I originally realized, but after meeting several travel insurance agents at conference, I feel better prepared to assist clients in finding a travel insurance policy that fits their unique needs rather than just choosing the one size fits all policies that are often advertised.

3. Booking Early is so important.

Some styles of vacation, think river cruises or trending destinations can sell out almost a full year in advance. In other destinations, there might still be space, but not for the most desirable accommodations or activities. Booking early can mean the difference between getting the vacation you've been dreaming of, or settling for a less than version. Just remember, the earlier you begin the process, the more options you will have!

4. BONUS - When traveling Internationally, the app MPC is priceless!

After de-planning in Atlanta and seeing the LOOOOONG customs line, I found and used the Mobile Passport Control app to bypass over an hour wait to get through Customs (CBP). This little app allows you to fill out and submit a form to CBP that helps to greatly streamline the process and results in shorter wait times for user. It's not available for use at every point of entry, but where it is available, I would highly recommend it!

I hope these tips have been helpful...I know they were to me. If you've been thinking of a trip, please don't hesitate to reach out! I'd love nothing more than to dream of your next trip with you!

Travel is the best way to curate joy in your life. Let us help you make your next trip amazing!

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