November 17, 2023

Gifts for EVERYONE on your list!!

I’ve compiled a small list of travel-related gifts that I discovered as I began my Christmas gift search. I can’t tell you which ones I hope to give as gifts and which ones I’ve added to my own Christmas List, but Santa knows (and really that’s all that matters). Happy looking and I hope you find something that wins Christmas this year!

- For the FOODIE -

The Gastro Obscura: A Food Adventurer’s Guide is sure to excite the Foodie in your life. The almost 500-page book gathers the most obscure, most interesting, and most adventurous food and drink options that can be found across ALL SEVEN continents. I’m intrigued and I think the Foodie in your life would be too!

- For the TECH LOVER -

Keeping devices charged while on the go can sometimes be a challenge. Using map apps, taking photos, and searching the web for local eats and activities all drain device batteries. This Compact Charger offers 2 full charges for a mobile device in a super compact size that makes it easy to take on any and all trips!


Leaving room in a suitcase for souvenirs is not a skill I have. If there is room in my bag, I’m likely to find something else that I should probably take, you know…just in case. This Packable Duffle is the perfect solution! When it’s packed into its own pocket it measures under 10”x10” and is incredibly lightweight. But pull it out to fill it with souvenirs and it provides a whopping 45L of space (about the size of a traditional carry-on item that would fit in the overhead bin).


Traveling with cords and chargers is a fact of life. But those darn cords can be a pain to pack in a way that doesn’t end with a jumbled mess. Enter the Travel Cord Organizer. This handy leather roll keeps all the cords neat and tidy and easy to access when needed.


The possibilities are almost endless for the newbie traveler on your list. But the first and most important gift to give a travel newbie is a set of packing cubes! The options are endless and you can spend a lot or you can spend a little; but as long as the set is a color they like and has a range of sizes for packing, they will serve their purpose. My own set of packing cubes gets used for EVERY SINGLE trip, even the quick weekend getaways. They make finding items in a suitcase so much easier and I’ll honestly never travel without them again.

- For the ADVENTURER -

Every trip can be an adventure with this set of Travel Challenge Cards. This pocket-size deck of 50 cards promises to get travelers out of their comfort zone and experience the destination in ways a typical tourist would not. These cards are not destination-specific, so they can be used anywhere and on any trip. Would you be brave enough to pull a card and complete the challenge?!?


Usually, I’m not big on gift cards, but this gift card to create a photo book is the perfect option for a traveler who loves to revisit their trips through pictures. By giving a gift card to a site that helps to create photo books you are providing a meaningful and tangible reminder of their travels that they will cherish for years to come.

- For the one who has EVERYTHING -

Gifts that give an experience rather than a thing have always been a favorite of mine. If you have someone on your list who is hard to buy for or has everything, consider giving the gift of an experience, a staycation, or a close-by weekend getaway. Everyone has something close by that would make a great experience gift. If finding and planning that isn’t in your wheelhouse, I’d love to help you craft a plan that includes any combination of hotel, dinner reservations, and/or local tours or activities. I think together we could make you the Christmas gift hero!

Please know that none of these products have been personally vetted by me, nor do I receive any compensation should you purchase a product that is linked… I just wanted to share the results of my searching and provide a few cool (at least I think so) gift ideas for the Travelers in your life.

As you begin your Christmas shopping, if you decide that what you really need is your own personal vacation I’d be honored if you’d reach out. With Black Friday and Cyber Monday quickly approaching there are many travel deals to be had and I’d love to help you find one that speaks to you!

Travel is the best way to curate joy in your life. Let us help you make your next trip amazing!

My top gift picks for 2023!

Something for EVERYONE on your list.