February 23, 2024

...a roundup of the BEST & BRIGHTEST!

Travel Hacks are tips and tricks that make the act of traveling easier and/or less stressful. The internet is FULL of them, but not all travel hacks are created equally. I’ve read through countless articles and message boards and pulled out the hacks I think qualify as THE BEST! Enjoy and happy travel hacking!

1. Use Packing Cubes

I love packing cubes. They make getting dressed on a trip SO MUCH EASIER. By grouping like things together, you never have to search through a suitcase for a pair of pants or socks. And if your itinerary has you moving often, they make packing up a breeze!

2. Compression bag for dirty laundry

Throw a compression bag or two into your suitcase to hold your dirty laundry. Because the bags seal,  your dirty clothes will remain separate from your clean clothes AND because they compress, you’ll create additional room in your suitcase to bring home souvenirs.

3. Bring a power strip cord

Outlets can be hard to come by, especially overseas! By packing a power strip, you can ensure you have enough plugs for all your electronics that will need to be charged. Plus, you’ll only need to purchase and pack one adapter. It’s a win-win!

4. Keep a physical copy of important documents

I’m a paper girl, so I might be a bit biased, but I like to have a physical copy of each important confirmation document and a color copy of my passport. I’d also recommend keeping a PDF copy of these items in your email, but if your phone or email is inaccessible for any reason, a paper copy could save the day! If you work with me to book travel, I’ll always send a paper copy of the important confirmation documents ahead of your travel, so all you would need to have prepared is a copy of your passport.

5. Use plastic shower caps to cover shoe soles.

Pretty straightforward and inexpensive way to protect your suitcase contents from the dirty soles of your shoes! Of course, actual shoe bags would be a great option too, but there will be no judgment from me if you go the shower cap route!

6. Use small bags to group similar items in carry-on

The more loose items you have in your carry-on the more you risk losing something as you unpack and repack your bag at security and in the airplane. By keeping your small items grouped you can pack and unpack with ease and never worry that something important will fall out of your bag! A bonus hack would be to choose brightly colored bags to ensure your eye never misses them!

7. Book early morning flights

Early morning flights are statistically more on time than flights that leave later in the day. Sure it’s hard to get up and get going so early, but for me, early flights mean less stress and more confidence in your travel plans… especially important if you have a connecting flight or need to make it onto a cruise ship!

8. Download Google Translate

If traveling overseas and you are not fluent in the local language, Google Translate can be a lifesaver. I’d still absolutely recommend a small guidebook for the local language and some practicing before you go.  But if you need to communicate with someone and the tourist guide to the language isn’t doing it, Google Translate can help! My favorite language books are from the Just Enough Phrasebook series. They have books in many different languages and the phrases are super helpful and easy to learn with phonetic spelling.

9. Always purchase trip insurance

In a post-Covid Pandemic world, travel insurance is really a necessity. The best travel insurance will cover travel delays, which happen with more frequency now than ever before. It will also provide medical coverage and evacuation in case the worst happens while you are traveling. Travel Insurance is confusing and tricky, so be sure to work with someone you trust or read ALL of the fine print.

10. A reusable water bottle

Staying hydrated is always important, but it’s especially important when traveling. Proper hydration helps you recover from jet lag and adjust to your new environment. With a reusable water bottle, you’ll be able to ensure you stay hydrated, plus you’ll never have to buy overpriced airport water! A bonus hack: Pack a few hydration multipliers like Liquid IV. They keep you hydrated with less water, which means you won’t be hopping up to the bathroom constantly!

11. Travel during shoulder season

The shoulder season is travel magic. The crowds are much reduced, the weather is still lovely, and the prices are lower. It is truly a trifecta of greatness! If your plans allow, you should always elect to travel during the shoulder season.

12. Use an ATM to get local currency

The best and least expensive way to get local currency is to visit an ATM in your destination. The conversion rates are usually among the best you can get and you won’t pay exorbitant fees like you would at an airport conversion counter. You should check with your bank so you know what withdrawal fees to expect, but they are often still the best value for obtaining local currency.

13. Create your own “Amenity Kit” for your carryon

A small kit with travel-size toiletries (toothbrush and paste, deodorant, lotion, and lip balm), plus an eye mask and ear plugs, can go a long way to helping you feel fresh and ready to deplane and get to enjoying your vacation!

14. Find the best travel credit card for you

If lots of travel is in your plans, a travel credit card is a great way to earn points, get extra travel perks, and save money on travel. There are lots of travel cards, but they are not created equally! Each one has different benefits and restrictions, so there really is no one-size-fits-all. A great resource to read about the differences and find the one that works best for you is at The Points Guy.

15. THE BEST HACK FOR LAST… Travel as lightly as possible!!

Traveling light means less baggage fees, less time waiting for checked bags, and easier movement at your destination. There are so many methods to help with light packing, but my favorite is a capsule wardrobe (packing only items that mix and match, meaning you have many outfits from a small amount of clothing!). If you can do laundry on your trip, this works like a charm and it’s easier to achieve than you might think! This article is a good starting point.

What is your favorite travel hack? Are any of these already in your travel arsenal? Or do you have a favorite I didn’t list here? I’ve used a few of these in the past, but there are a few I’m excited to try on my next trip, especially that DIY Amenity kit… I’d love to get off the plane feeling fresh and ready to explore! If you would like to try some of these travel hacks but don’t have any travel planned, reach out! Let’s curate something magical for you to look forward to!

Travel is the best way to curate joy in your life. Let us help you make your next trip amazing!


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