March 8, 2024

UNIQUE delicacies from around


The world eats some pretty interesting things, at least from my perspective. As I researched these foods, I wondered what American foods the world thinks are disgusting, because it really does depend on where and how you grew up. Enjoy these ten weird but not truly revolting delicacies, and thank your lucky stars I didn’t include the really gross stuff.

1. CUY (Guinea Pig) - PERU

Typically eaten by Peruvians on special occasions, but often available year-round for tourists, Cuy or fried guinea pig is a delicacy in Peru. Having personally tried this, I can emphatically say I would not eat it again. The meat was greasy and full of bones and the presentation was a bit horrifying… see photo above. This qualifies as a one-and-done in my book.


The Century Egg is a preserved duck, chicken, or quail egg. The process of preserving the egg turns the egg white black and the yolk dark green. They look horrendous. When we visited China in 2017, I saw these eggs on a breakfast buffet, but this was one time I was NOT able to talk myself into trying it.


To make Haggis, minced sheep organs (heart, liver, and lungs) are mixed with onions, suet, and seasonings and cooked inside the sheep's stomach. I’m a weirdo and really like organ meat like liver and chicken hearts, so this one doesn’t phase me. In fact, I ordered and enjoyed Haggis at a Scottish restaurant once and I wouldn’t hesitate to try it again. What about you? Is this something you’d try?


While this dish is widely enjoyed in many places around the world the addition of blood as a thickening agent is a no-go for me. I once unsuspectingly tried a piece in Puerto Rico and while the taste was not bad, it’s more of a mental block for me. This is one dish that gets high praise around the world though, so if the thought of it doesn’t bother you… taste away!


This tin of fermented fish is often considered the smelliest food in the world. Even though Swedes enjoy it with oat bread, they usually open and eat it outside because of the smell. Ewww! Smelly fish is a hard pass for me.


As you might imagine, a sauce made with squid ink produces a black sauce. Typically paired with seafood and served over noodles, the color of the sauce can be very off-putting, but it’s delicate, briny flavor is well-loved. Our family tried this dish in Venice, Italy and I would say we struggled with the look of it, but the taste was quite yummy. So if you decide to try this dish… just close your eyes!


A delicacy in Iceland, Hakarl is a fermented shark meat with a pungent odor. The fermentation process takes 9 weeks and is absolutely necessary to reduce the poisonous internal fluids present in the shark. Again, stinky fish is a no, but add to that possibly poisonous and this is one delicacy I never need to try.


What is a list of unique foods without the addition of a beverage?!? Airag is fermented horse milk. Gulp. The fermentation creates a fizzy, sour, and slightly alcoholic liquid that is served chilled. It’s said to be one of the only alcoholic beverages that is also full of vitamins and minerals. Thanks, but I’ll just take a multivitamin.


A popular street food snack in South Korea, beondegi are boiled or steamed silkworm pupae. They are served in a paper cup with a toothpick and smell of burned wood. The taste is said to be strong, but not unpleasant, but I think I’d have to ask what one considers unpleasant before trying this delicacy. They look a little too much like a “Fear Factor” challenge to me.


Unlike the pesty birds of large cities across the U.S., pigeons in Egypt are raised in towers and on rooftops across the country for the purpose of a delicious meal. The bird is typically stuffed, and grilled or roasted to perfection. The stuffing is a mix of rice, other meats, and seasonings. As is often the case, the meat is said to taste like chicken. Go figure!

Is there anything on this list you’ve tried? Or would try? Whether your next trip takes you to places with unique food or places with food that is familiar, I’d love to help you plan it! Don’t worry, I won’t make you eat anything weird. Please reach out anytime to schedule a Dream Vacation Planning Call… wonderful memories, exciting experiences, and (maybe) some weird food are just a phone call away!

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UNIQUE delicacies from around the WORLD

A collection of weird delicacies eaten in countries around the world!